Negotiation Challenge So you think you can negotiate?


So you think you can negotiate?
Think about your own capability, and select the level that you want to start at. Do you feel *lucky*? Well, **do** ya, punk?

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here if you are a noob
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here if you are at intermediate level
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here if you are at advance level
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here if you are at boss level

80% of negotiators think they are boss level negotiators! And 50% are terrified by the thought of negotiating. (And the remaining 20% cant add up!)
Capability in negotiation is some composite of:

  • Mindset; you really do need an assertive mindset!
  • Interpersonal skills; it helps to have good listening skills, to be able to be able to empathise with strangers
  • Persuasiveness; if you can't persuade others to your point of view you are going to struggle
  • The capacity to think on your feet; it helps to be able to process information in real time
  • The ability to process information and reach reasoned conclusions, in particular in negotiation planning

These quizzes are just for fun. They cannot measure some of the capabilities I have listed above.
But we all like to challenge ourselves!
Start at the beginning and see how you go.

Good luck!